Servo-Matik Three Phase Regulators With Microprocessor

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Three Phase
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Three Phase Regulators with Microprocessor

SERVO-MATIK Three Phase Regulators with Microprocessor ranges from 1KVA to 25KVA on our regular portfolio. Custom productions are also available


Servo-Matiks Microprocessor Card Technical Characteristics:

Monitors network voltage changes to indicate that systems supplied via it are protected and output voltage remained stable at that case

Continuously controls motor current to provide accurate and quick operation of Servo Electronic system

Measures, sets and indicates to the user output voltage as TRUE RMS very precisely

Indicates network voltage value to generate audio alarm warning of the user in case of instant increases or decreases and for ensuring the user to take precaution

Generates audio alarm for the user in case of over-temperature and motor failure

In case of output voltage failure, it closes itself, thus protecting the system. It also indicates the case with audio alarm

Indicates ambient temperature, generate audio alarm in case of excessive temperature or hot medium to protect itself


Maintenance Free Protector and Quick Control

Apart fro regulation range, when output voltage is less than 180V AC RMS or more than 230V AC RMS, it is set between 2.5 seconds and 10 seconds

Regulates phases simultaneously to ensure it is applied to the system as delayed to the firm and stable voltage. If any phases cuts off, it closes all phases to protect the system

In case of instant voltage shocks or instant voltage changes, it protects itself and the system  and if required switches-off the output automatically

Generates voltage and time hyteresis to prevent undesired changes and failures. Thus it operates instable manner to protect electronic and mechanic components

Microprocessor control PWM technology prevents undesired servo movements and provides very quick correction at instatnt changes

As no semi-conductor has been used and there is no Tap change, its instant current response against demurrage loads and output voltage sensitivity are very excellent. Therefore failure risk is very small, it has long life and does not require maintenance

Thanks to DIP switch on the main card, it regulates output voltage sensitivity between 1-5% and it is very easy for it to adapt to the environment where it operates

Performs real RMS value measurement due to RISC Micro controller processor. Therefore it generates stable 200VAC without being affected by network voltage harmonic interferences